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Every Thursday at 8pm ET, I go live here and on Facebook, YouTube, and Mixer to talk about how to use technology to help your business, group, or organization.

Every week I bring a topic to talk about, but you are ALWAYS welcome to come with your own questions or show ideas too - on the same topic or any other tech-related business topic.

Join live or watch on demand later, whatever works best for you!

Are you struggling to see how live streaming can work for YOUR business? Yep, OK, I get that. Sometimes it helps to see other people doing things. So...let's look at a few different businesses and how they are using live streaming to share information, to sell, and to build their community!

Small Business Saturday will be here before you know it! Let's talk about how you can make the most of this opportunity... #smallbusinesssaturday #businessowner #storeowner #smallbusiness #digitalmarketing

Let's talk about what they are and what steps you can take to protect your business!

Join me this Thurs at 8pm ET and I'll walk you through it! ========================================================== Want even more ideas?

Of course, you work hard on your business marketing content, but are you missing out on how your customers can help? Join me this Thurs at 8pm ET and I'll walk you through it! ========================================================== Want even more ideas?

Not sure how to create a survey? Not getting the response rate you need? Here are 10 steps to make your survey a SUCCESS! ========================================================== Want even more ideas?

Why should you use surveys as a part of your small business strategy? What are the benefits, costs, options?

You hear it all the time; the path to successful marketing is to define your customer avatar But the Big Question is HOW do you do that? In this episode, I'll show you how to use Customer Journey Mapping to solve this problem!

The idea of staying secure can sometimes feel overwhelming...but it doesn't have to be! On this episode of "Let's Talk Tech," I'm going to give you 5 fast and easy ways to help keep your business cyber safe...

If you've heard about Twitch, you may only think it's only for gamers...the good news is, that's not true - small businesses (and large ones) also stream on Twitch!! I mean, of course, there are a ton of gamers on Twitch but that just means when you start streaming there, you'll stand out.

There are a LOT of things that have to happen just right before a new customer reaches out or shows up in your shop. So, I have to ask you...are you doing everything you can to help customers trust that you are the right choice for them?

Sooner or later things slow down, it's the nature of growth. And in small doses, that's no problem. But... What can you do when things need a little PUSH in the right direction? I've got 3 TIPS for just this occasion! Join "Let's Talk Tech" this Thursday at 8pm ET and bring your tips and questions!

You have a business blog, right? ;-) Ok, well, if not...start there! Then, do these 5 simple things to help boost your blog, improve your SEO, and make your visitors look forward to coming back to check out your next post! Join "Let's Talk Tech" this Thursday at 8pm ET and bring your questions!

Don't let these myths stop you from using live video as a part of your business strategy! Join "Let's Talk Tech" this Thursday at 8pm ET and bring your questions! #growbusinessonline #smb, #smallbusiness, #smallbusinessgrowth, #businessowners, #tips #businessgrowthadvice #video #livestreaming #streaming #seo #searchresults #videorecording #livestreaming #livestream #entrepreneurship #smallbusiness

Is there a right and a wrong time to use live or recorded video? What are the pros & cons of each? I know, there are so many questions. And you really don't want to make a mistake, after all - this is your business we're talking about!

You know that video is everywhere these days...but should you be using it as part of your strategy? Or, to be blunt... What's in it for you and your business? In this episode of "Let's Talk Tech" I'll give you 10 benefits of using recorded or live video in your business!

What business owners need to know about hiring employees... Sooner or later your business will get to the point where you'll need to bring on help. And that's good news - it means you're growing! are also swamped taking care of everything that needs to be done.

Chromebooks have a lot going for them...lightweight, long battery life, great prices, etc. Because of this, you may be wondering if they might be an option for your business and employees instead of buying more desktops and laptops. Join me for "Let's Talk Tech" this Thursday (4/25/2019) at 8PM ET and we'll talk through the pros and cons!

Selecting the right web host for your business or application is CRUCIAL but how can you tell the right fit from the wrong one? On this "Let's Talk Tech" we'll clear up this mystery... Come, join the conversation...Thurs at 8pm ET and I'll walk you through it!

Sure, I keep telling you that social media isn't enough - that you NEED to have a web presence...but HOW do you do that? Good news! It's not hard, and it doesn't have to cost much. Seriously, you can do this! Join me this Thurs at 8pm ET and I'll walk you through it!

No matter what size business you have, staying safe is not a "someday" need to take care of it NOW! The good news is...this doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Let's Talk Tech about 3 simple steps you can take today. #security, #smb, #smallbusiness, #internet, #howto, # cybersecurity
Power and Internet outages happen. Not being prepared for this can be devastating to businesses. Let's talk about how you can prepare...