Live Streaming Doesn’t Have to be HARD…

You can do it in ONE CLICK!


People want to do business with people, not cold, impersonal corporations; and Live Streaming can be a HUGE help making that connection with your customers.

But running your business/organization is already a full time job and a just don’t have the time to learn everything you need to know to live stream like the “Big Guys!” Right?

That's ok, I can help…

How Is This Possible?

I have put together a process that will let me do all the set up and production of your show - all you need to do it click on a link.

Seriously, that’s all…

Just 1 Click.

No fighting with:

  • Buying and learning new equipment - Just use the device you already have! (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with a webcam)

  • Buying and learning new software - You already have what you need!

  • Going through all the trial and error (over and over and over)- I’ve already worked all that out!

  • Figuring out all details and troubleshooting problems - That’s what I’m here to do!

And the best part? I can do all of this remote - so wherever you are, this will work!

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I Know What You’re Thinking…

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if all you could skip all the hassle and just click a magic button and go live?



Well, OK, it’s not a magic button, but still...if you have a device with a camera (cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with a webcam), you can click on 1 link and go live to one OR MORE more platforms!

Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch, Mixer,…etc.

Wherever your customers are - you can Live Stream there!

Yes, you read that can click on a single link to go live, and even better, you can go live:

  • On multiple platforms

  • With those professional looking overlays (lower thirds, your logo, chat, etc.)

  • And have someone (ME!) take care of all the set up, running the stream, and be there to support you as you do your show

Sound good? You bet it does!

You’ve Waited Long Enough!

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